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Re: [IP] When is a teen "allowed" to pump?

Lindsey wrote:

<<Rather than "I see you are making your best
effort and could get better results if you had another tool to try and use."
It's crazy.  Most people are gonna end up on pumps anyway.  No doubt in my
little mind.>>

Yes, and my endo tells me of the many patients that have tried pumps and
didn't like being attached all the time or the extra work and now their
pumps sit in their dresser drawers instead of being used.  I think we must
be careful of making blanket statements of what people are or are not going
to do.  Some people I have talked to just can't get over the hurdle of
"being attached to something all the time".  While you and I think this is
not a problem, all people may not agree with us.  Lets just say that in our
opinions pumping is the best way to go, but not everyone will make that
choice or have the desire to make that choice.  That's how it is in the real

I believe that right now, pumping is the best treatment for diabetes for me.
However, it may not be the best answer for everyone.

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