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Re: [IP] Challenge to my doctor

That is absolutely priceless....can't wait to hear.....Listen to
this....my endo is a diabetic himself; however, I am not suppose to know
that as my MiniMed nurse (we really bonded)told me this when she came to
my house to get me started on my pump this past October...She said he
doesnt tell anyone, and,,,,,he doesnt wear a pump ( I thought he did
until I was informed this morning otherwise)...I cant figure that out at
all.  I have an appt. to see him on the 20th and would like to ask him
about it, but I can't unless he brings it up...I love him to death, he is
a wonderful Dr.   Looking back, I understand why he has NEVER gotten
frustrated with me.  I have never left his office crying my eyes out as I
did with absolutely every single one of the other endos I have
tried.....of course, after being so frustrated with all the other drs.,
when I made my first appointment with him,  I marched into his office and
let him know I was! interviewing HIM, to determine if I and MY WALLET,
and MY INSURANCE COMPANY wanted to use his services.....He stared at me
for a very long time....and then smiled and said....I see, I completely
understand....ever since after the first appt, he calls Ms. Spicy,
instead of by my name.  

If  I ever find out why he is not on the pump

>From: email @ redacted >Reply-To: email @ redacted >To:
email @ redacted >Subject: [IP] Challenge to my doctor >Date: Wed,
6 Dec 2000 19:42:32 -0500 > >I saw my doctor yesterday and got to meet
his other pump patient. >As I've said before, he's new at having pump
patients but willing to >learn. He made a comment that he gave us credit
for "dealing with >something attached to us all the time." > >Well, he
shouldn't have left me and the other patient wait so long >because in
about 15 minutes we devised a challenge for him. We >hooked him up to his
pager with an infusion set. For the next three >days he has to take his
blood sugar at least 8 times every day, >record what he eats and his
blood sugar and also figure out the >carbs for everything he eats and
pretend to bolus. > >If he deals with staying connected for three days
and records all >etc... He's going to match each of our $50 donation to
the JDA. If >he doesn't he triples the match. We figured this would give
him an >idea of our daily life. > >I'll let the list know the outcome of
our doctor challenge. >Gail >Gail J Donohue >email @ redacted
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