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[IP] Re: Why not Pumps

This is true, but it is more than education.

> Louann, not you, but all the endos and docs and nurses and diabetes
> "specialists" who haven't taken the time to learn about it.  I also
> a pump was for a diabetic who was really "sick", you know kidneys
gone, legs
> gone, etc.  Not understanding it myself.  And if a 10 year diabetic
> understand it, you can imagine that so many others don't understand.
> studies have come out saying how much better the pump is, how it
> prevent the "normal" complications we see after many years of

> I agree with Curtis, a pump should be the standard treatment for all
> diabetics who need mulitple daily injections, no matter whether type
1, type
> 2, type weird, etc.

> I think using a pump takes a person with a strong desire to control
> diabetes, not someone who won't test often.  And maybe parents are
> intimidated by it and just need education.  Every doctor who treats
> benefits of wearing a pump?!?

> Bonnie Richardson
> Huntsville, AL

It really does take someone with a strong desire.  When I became dm
('66) I didn't think it was as big of a deal as my mother, who cried for
days.  At that time I took 3 shots/day.  In the early 70's I did not see
a doctor more than once.  I would not have been a good pump candidate,
if they existed for me at that time.  I have seen dm'ers that took extra
insulin so that they would be forced to have to take candy.  As I have
said many times the pumpers on this list are far more conscientious than
a normal dm'er.  Everyone is not willing to have a machine hanging from
them nearly 24 hours/day.  They aren't willing to test 4, 5...10
times/day and make the adjustments that are necessary for top control.
If you aren't willing to work at it, you shouldn't have one.

Pumping is the best possible thing to do for dm'ers.  I can absolutely
understand why doctors and insurance would not want to make such an
investment without some assurance that it would be successful.  Think
what would happen if half of the prescriptions by a doctor for pumps
were not successful.  What would be the chance that the next patient
would be able to receive this lifesaver?

Notwithstanding this list, there are many dm'ers that should not be on a
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
If you're in control, you're not going fast enough.
 - Parnelli Jones (?)
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