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Re: [IP] Andrew M. Jacob

When i first started looking into the pump, my husband was also hard to
convince.  But being that we would like to start a family someday, i had to
explain how much better being on the pump would be when i become pregnant.
Also, it is my body and my health, not his.  Being on the pump has made me
feel like a completely different person.  I have more energy, i don't have
to force myself to eat anymore because my b/s numbers are low.  Even when i
first went "live", he had a hard time with it, but once my b/s numbers were
running normal and my A1C dropped from 9.2 to 7.6 in two months he started
to realize how much better being on the pump is.  I have only had the pump
for about 4 months, he has forgotten it is even there, it is a part of me
now.  Even during those intimate moments it doesn't bother him.  Have your
wife go with you to the doctors to ask questions and have her talk to
someone on the pump, have her read the messages that are sent to the IP
list.  Out of all the 2600+ members on this list, i have never heard anyone
say that they were sorry that they decided to go with the pump.  Good luck
to you, let us know what you decide.
Carrie M.

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From: "Andrew M. Jacoby" <email @ redacted>

> I take N twice a day and H 2-3 times per day.  My biggest obstacle to the
> pump, at this point, is my wife.  Im trying to convince her to let me
> Thanks for asking.
> Andrew M. Jacoby
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