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[IP] Andrew's wife's concerns

In a message dated 12/07/2000 10:16:28 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< My biggest obstacle to the
 pump, at this point, is my wife.  Im trying to convince her to let me try. 

What are her concerns?  Maybe we can help ease some of her fears.  Diabetes 
is so hard to get a handle on, it can be scarry to try something new.  But 
there are few pumpers who would ever go back to MDI, for most is a major 
improvement in control and quality of life.

Let us know if we can help answer those fears, or we can help you figure out 
how to hide the pump in a pocket . . . . just kidding <sly grin>.

DM 21 yrs; pumping 5 yrs
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