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Re: [IP] Riddle me this

> One of my doctors (not an endo) has a niece with diabetes.  She's 16
> and in lousy control again.  She has been encouraged by family
> members (and myself) to try a pump, but her endo has said she can't
> until she gets in better control on MDI.  Now, my first reaction to
> this was how stupid.  

Your first reaction is probably correct. Consider.....

If every time you did a bg test, you got bad news i.e. bg's to 
low/high, why on earth would you want to test?? If you are always on 
the "rollercoaster" of N or L, what possible encouragement is it to 
be told "you are doing a bad job and must do better". This is a heck 
of a lot easier said than done. 

It is clearly more productive to give someone in this position good 
management tools i.e. a pump, and then see how they do. The evidence 
collected so far is convincing that this works. Just look at the 
ABOUT page of the IP web site and look at  improvement in HbA1c's for 
all that have gone on the pump. Pretty hard to say that "compliance" 
is the problem in the face of those statistics.
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