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Re: [IP] tonsillectomy help

>      My 9 year old son (on the pump since 3/00)had his
> tonsils and adnoids removed on Dec. 1.  We have
> lowered his basal rates 6 times and we are still
> having low blood sugars.  What's worse is he has been
> low so many times he doesn't even feel it any more. 
> He is eating bites of food but most of the time it's
> not even enough to bolus for.  Help please!
The advice received from our medical team was for this problem was to 
target 120 - 150 and adjust basals etc... as needed. Remember that 
when basals go down overall, the bg and carb/insulin ratios usually 
go up proportionally -- so don't over bolus. We have at times run 
basals of 0.00 for part of the day -- many hours in fact.
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