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[IP] Addison's Disease

The adrenal gland produces at least two vital hormones, Adrenaline and
Cortisone.  Adrenaline is what makes you feel scared, surprised, excited,
etc.  Cortisone is used to reduce inflammation and stress, both physical and

My adrenal glands do not produce cortisone, a condition known as Addisons
Disease.  I was diagnosed in 1995, at the age of 19 and take cortisone and
another hormone called Florinef by mouth each day to replace what my body
does not produce.  It is an autoimmune disorder, like diabetes and has
eventually lead to my diagnosis of Type I diabetes.

I take N twice a day and H 2-3 times per day.  My biggest obstacle to the
pump, at this point, is my wife.  Im trying to convince her to let me try.

Thanks for asking.

Andrew M. Jacoby
email @ redacted <mailto:email @ redacted> 
email @ redacted <mailto:email @ redacted> 

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