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[IP] Pumping Awareness Self-Quiz(does that sound better?) Please take a look

Okay, for those of you who have been following the debate on this, I
have started to put together what was formerly referred to as a *test*
Please let me know what you think.
This is not a final version.....

Pumping Awareness Self-Quiz

Are you ready to start pumping?  This self-quiz has been designed to
raise your awareness of issues you should know prior to your start-up
day.  The more you know, the easier and more successful the transition
will be.  If you feel you need more information about a particular
topic, ask your Diabetes Team for guidance.

1. Describe a basal rate.  How does it differ from a carbohydrate bolus?

2. Describe a bolus ratio.  How does a carbohydrate bolus differ from a
basal dose?

3. What is a Fasting Basal Check and why do you do it?

4. How do you set and test basal rates?

5. How do you set and test carbohydrate bolus ratios.

6. What would make you suspicious that it is time for a basal rate

7. What would make you suspicious that it is time for a carb bolus ratio

8. Do you understand Carbohydrate Counting?

9. How would you treat a high blood glucose? Would your methods change
depending on the severity of the high blood sugar?

10. How many grams of simple carbohydrate would you use to treat a low,
without overtreating?  How would you determine this?

11. Do you understand the Unused Insulin Rule?

12. Have you read the user manual inside out and upside down?

13. Do you know of all the infusion sets available to you?

14. Are you aware of all the places that infusion sets can be inserted?

15. Do you understand the need for frequent Glucose tests?

16. Do you have a chart for recording Carbohydrates, Boluses, Basal
Rates, and Blood glucose readings?

17. Have you read the book Pumping Insulin or an equivalent?


I am not going to rant, just sharing :)  Any and all input WELCOMED!

Barb....mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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