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[IP] Re: riddle me this

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> Subject: Re: [IP] Riddle me this 
> One of my doctors (not an endo) has a niece with diabetes.  She's 16 and in
> lousy control again.  She has been encouraged by family members (and myself)
> to try a pump, but her endo has said she can't until she gets in better
> control on MDI.  Now, my first reaction to this was how stupid.  On second
> thought, however, I don't think it's so much a case of getting better
> control on MDI, but of compliance.  If she's not trying at all on MDI to get
> control, putting a pump on her will probably be no better.  As we all know,
> just wearing a pump doesn't give you good control, the pump doesn't do it
> all by itself, it takes time and work on our parts to make good control
> happen.  So, I would guess that because of the cost of the pump, doctors and
> insurances would like to make sure that a patient will do the work before
> all the money is spent on a pump.
Does the 16 year old want a pump???
I went thru years of one endo refusing to give me a pump because I didn't 
take good enough care of myself then later a different endo telling me I took 
such good care of myself I didn't need a pump.
My current endo says all that is nonsense, if you want a pump you should have 
a pump.  Non-compliance (oh how I hated that word in the 80's), as drs put 
it, on my part was often discouragement because nothing made any difference.

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