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Re: [IP] When is a teen "allowed" to pump?

Barb wrote:

<<I know there are people out there who had terrible control, despite
trying everything, and *gave up*    Teens and adults. Making good
control a must before pump startup may be a good measure of their
intent, but if it is considered necessary, I can see some teens falling
through the cracks. >>

While I agree wholeheartedly, my only point was that patients must try to
gain good control.  Just sticking everyone on a pump from day one (which is
where this thread started) may not be a good answer for all.  In fact, there
are a lot of people out there who choose not to wear a pump for whatever
reason they have.  Putting everyone on a pump from the first diagnosis of
diabetes is not a realistic thing to do.  I know we all who have seen the
wonders of the pump, find it surprising that anyone could choose not to
pump, but some people do.  I think that this is definitely a YMMV situation,
not all teens or adults are motivated enough to do pumping (there's a lot of
work involved here, as those of us who had to work at it can tell you).  I'm
just saying that it may not be in everyone's best interest to just stick
everyone on a pump from the start.  I was surprised to hear people in a pump
information session ask if they could "take a vacation from the pump"....
For me, the pump is a vacation!  But not everyone feels that way.  We can't
make blanket statements for everyone, whether they are teens or adults.  Not
everyone will succeed with "good control" on MDI and not everyone will do it
on a pump either.

I think that the endo in the case I wrote about before wants to just make
sure that this teen will do the work.  In fact, my doctor said the endo
stated that there will be a pump system with a glucose monitor in 6 months
and that perhaps she should wait until then when it will be easier for her
to handle the pump.... now I know all the pump companies are working on that
but I sure don't expect to see it in 6 months!  At least not for those of us
who depend on health insurance to cover our medical costs...

But anyways, I with all of you, *I* think she should be on a pump, but it's
not *my* decision to make.

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