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Re: [IP] When is a teen "allowed" to pump?

Renee wrote:

<<My #1 goal ever since Melissa was dx'd has been to instill in her the
best "mix" of knowledge, empowerment, confidence, etc. so that she WOULD be
able to "fly off" into the world handling her diabetes responsible,
realistically & maturely. I would hope that every teenager who has to live
with this chronic condition could do likewise & denying them the best "tools
fo the trade" until they've passed that proverbial "A1C test" is
short-sighted at best & counterproductive at worst.>>


>From what I understand of this situation, the teen involved here is not
motivated and at this point in time doesn't want to do all the work involved
in gaining good control.  Now, if it's because of frustration of not being
able to do well on MDI (I do know that it is somewhat possible, with work,
to get good A1c's on MDI) or if she really just doesn't give a darn about
diabetes.  Some teens just don't want to deal with the diabetes, and hence,
they never do what they are supposed to do to try to gain good control.
Call it denial or whatever.  But in any case, just sticking them on a pump
is not going to make them test more frequently, it's not going to get them
to count carbs and bolus properly... in fact, they can just end up in the
same situation they're in now on MDI except after everyone's put a lot of
time and expense in getting them on a pump.  That's my point here, even all
teens are different.  I was a fairly compliant teen, I knew what I was
supposed to do and pretty much of the time I did it.  Perhaps that's why I'm
still here today after living 37 years with the diabeastie...

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