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[IP] Re: riddle me this

In a message dated 12/7/00 12:41:40 AM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Riddle me this
> Riddle me this.  Why are people not put directly on the pump at diagnosis?
> or soon after honeymoon.
> I think there is an unsupported Dogma that pumping is for advanced
> diabetics, whatever that is.  Or that there is a feeling that they would
> not appreciate the wonders of pumping if they have not gone through the
> hell of MDI.
> I suppose that if the insurance hasn't figured out the economics of healthy
> diabetics, then they would be a hurdle.  Assuming that the insurance was
> amenable to pumps, what are doctor's hesitations in putting people on
> pumps?
> Is a two year old better controlled or safer on MDI?
> Curtis Lomax

When I was researching the pump on the web last summer i found a website that 
showed a 5 week old in germany who had been put on the pump.  It was an 
amazing story.  She needed such small amts of insulin that it was decided 
this would be the best control for her.  If I ever had a child who had 
diabetes this is what I would want for that child.  I'd fight for it.

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