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[IP] RE: IM Insulin injections

Spot wrote:

<<I did give myself NPH intravenously once unintentionally once the free
insulin part did go right to work but evidently, most of the p part was

Could this happen by Intramuscular shots also, or only intravenously?

<<<Why be concerned with getting your blood sugar down faster... The body
actually is designed to work more slowly than most of us think. When non
diabetic people go into the hospital and get IV glucose there bg's go way up
and very few nurses or doctors worry about that...  about 140 or higher for
a while. >>>

I would only do an IM shot with a BG above 250!

<<you can rub the injection site with your hand to speed absorption. or let
warm water run on it. Or put the shot in your butt just before going to
synagogue before Saturday AM services so sitting and standing rub it in

Why is that better then IM shots? An IM shot does not work that fast either.

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
Co-Executive Director
Jewish Diabetes Association
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