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[IP] Why not Pumps

SNIP>>>>>>>>> email @ redacted writes:

<< Riddle me this.  Why are people not put directly on the pump at
 or soon after honeymoon. >>
 i think there  is  many reason   for r this   
1 the  cost  
2  insurance  companies 
3 doctors  afraid of the  unknown
patents  being  afraid of   walking around  with a needle in them all  the

                                         take  care  happy  holidays  louann

- ---------------------------------------------------------->>>>>>>>>SNIP

Louann, not you, but all the endos and docs and nurses and diabetes
"specialists" who haven't taken the time to learn about it.  I also thought
a pump was for a diabetic who was really "sick", you know kidneys gone, legs
gone, etc.  Not understanding it myself.  And if a 10 year diabetic doesn't
understand it, you can imagine that so many others don't understand.  No
studies have come out saying how much better the pump is, how it should
prevent the "normal" complications we see after many years of diabetes.  

I agree with Curtis, a pump should be the standard treatment for all
diabetics who need mulitple daily injections, no matter whether type 1, type
2, type weird, etc.   

I think using a pump takes a person with a strong desire to control their
diabetes, not someone who won't test often.  And maybe parents are
intimidated by it and just need education.  Every doctor who treats any
diabetes should have phamplets in their office telling about the benefits of
a pump, any pump, and some testimonials of wearers, and web sights, etc.   I
think we are another ten years away from that.  "Forecast" doesn't help
except with an ocassional article.   Those newspapers articles that our
pumpers get in their local papers probably help  more than anything.  Word
of mouth helps.   

More than anything this web sight helps!   And Michael Robinton deserves a
nobel prize for his work and efforts to educate people in all areas of

Now that I am getting off my personal soapbox, let me ask all of you to make
a donation to IPers NOW!  

Anyone have any other ideas about educating the world about the great
benefits of wearing a pump?!?
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL
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