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Re: [IP] Riddle me this

You know, this idea of going on the pump immediately after diagnosis...HMMMM
Well, think about it people, the idea of the pump is still evolving.  It is a 
fairly new concept, even newer for children.  As MD's and endos start coming 
out of med school IP will NOT be a new topic for most of them.  It will, in 
fact, be an almost daily fact of the diabetic's life.  So just keep putting 
out the word to everyone you know, spread the 'good news' if you will and 
watch the flower grow!!!  

    We on this list are a new commodity.  We need to be patient but be 
willing to make our words heard through out the medical community.  And you 
must admit, learning MDI IS a crucial step in learning to take care of the 
diabetes, so don't discount it altogether.  But YES, the pump is the best 
thing to come around since insulin and just think..it too,is in a constant 
state of evolving also.  What we think is so GREAT today is going to be very 
blase (with an accent on the e) tomorrow.

Patience People, Patience!

mom to Joshua
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