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[IP] Re:Carb to Insulin Ratio -rant rant rant

In a message dated 12/05/2000 12:47:17 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Does this basal profile adjustment theory wash with you guys out there or 
 there simply an underlying resistance that requires and increased amount of
 insulin to cover an a.m. meal?? >>

This dawn phenom morning bg and carb ratio is the hardest thing to nail down 
in pumping as far as I'm concerned.  I've been pumping for almost 5 years 
now, and have tried a number of remedies.  Each works for awhile, and I find 
myself switching from one to the other and back again.

I have gone from 1:7 carb ratio to 1:12 ratio.  I've tried all different 
combination of basal adjustments, even use a wake-up bolus at times.  I think 
there can be a lot of contributing factors making up that am bg.  A high-fat 
late night meal can take a long time to digest and still have an effect on my 
bg the morning after.  Lots of pm exercise can drop me like a rock the next 
morning, i.e. this year I was the family hostess for Thanksgiving, at a 
remote mountain location, and with all the physical work of putting that 
together, woke up with a screaming low that I couldn't even test I was out of 
it so bad, lucky to wake up at all.  Read a 40 after 30 minutes and 2 cups of 
apple juice, couldn't chew tablets.  Lack of sleep will raise me higher upon 
waking the next morning.  My ratio for breakfast at 8am is 1:8; by 9:30 a 
1:12 ratio works.  Then the hormone fairy wreaks havoc the week before 
period, takes lots of insulin; and moment I start, need very little.  Oh, 
yeah, and a fight with daughter over appropriate school clothes can raise me 
up 100 pts without eating a thing!!  Put all these factors together and its 
no wonder that just changing your basal to the magic ***correct number*** 
whatever that may be, just isn't enough to hit it right.  After much practice 
and figuring out what does what to my bg I'm better at it than I was, but NO, 
the mornings are never stable for me.

The rest of the day is a piece of cake by comparison.

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