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[IP] A test for pumpers to be...rant...rant...rant <g>

Hi everyone,

FIRST OF ALL....I would not *fail* anybody on a *test*...questionnaire
is closer to what I want it to be, as Jan G suggests, but...still.......

Thanks to everyone for their input, and thanks Curtis for reading the
WHOLE thing <g>)  And, as Sylvia suggests, this is a good thing to pass
along to the medical professionals...for themselves too:)    I have
received some wonderful ideas so far and I guess I used the word 'test'
as a way to draw some attention to a problem that I can see is cropping
up all over the place, US and Canada.  Well intentioned and hard working
parents want to put their children on the pump and I can see in a lot of
cases that these  people are not being prepped as much as they should
be.  This 'test' for want of a better word is a way to also inform the
medical professionals of things they need to know AND share with their
patients.  It would help them to learn too.   I am only speaking as the
mom of a pumper here, and I think medical professionals have become
inundated with requests to put kids on the pump because pumps are now
'out there'.  After the Naitonally televised show here in Canada was
aired (show on Diabetes and we were the pumping people), the t.v.
corporation started receiving calls from individuals asking how they
could get a pump.  At a meeting a week ago, the mom of a young man who
had been pumping had something to share.  Bascially, her son had started
pumping, had a lot of problems, didn't like it, control was not optimum
and he stopped.  He did begin again, but his main reason he was using it
now was so that he didn't have to carry a needle and insulin around.
WHAT A SHAME!  This family was not prepared when they started pumping..
they did not use fasting basals to set basal rates   I spoke to the mom
afterwards and we had a great talk.  I am so glad I did, because what
she had to share about pumping was mostly negative and she had the right
to put forth her views as that was her experience.  I would hate if
people who had a chance to put a child on the pump didn't because they
only heard her story.  It was hard to hear what they went through
knowing most or not all of it could have all been prevented. It wasn't
fair to them.  Another parent of a pumper was having trouble with a lot
of lows..again no fasting basal checks.  A little education goes a long
way...for the medical professionals and the patients.  We all learn from
each other.

Our medical professionals here are wonderful, top notch and supportive
to the nth degree. With all they have to do, and a lot of it without pay
like volunteering for meetings, support groups and camps, I think they
could use a hand. gathering information and passing it along.  They are
so open to learning.  I am not proposing they *FAIL* someone if they
don't pass a *TEST*  I am proposing SOMEONE should put it out there for
people to use as a tool.  If I hadn't educated myself for almost a year
before Erica started pumping I know it would not have been nearly as
easy as it was.  We still had problems but we knew we could find out the
answers.  Our clinic provides people with information for them to use
and also loans out the Pumping Insulin Book. They also pass out names
and website addresses for people to use.  It is hard to condense all
that information into something easy to Digest <g> so I thought a *test*
would be a good way for people to quickly guage their level of
preparedness (?sp) and they could proceed from there.

...sigh....   I just hate to see people struggle when freedom is at
their fingertips but they are wearing boxing gloves and can't feel
it...you know what I mean?  They work sooo hard to improve the life of
their child and aren't aware of the tools available to do so.  These
aren't stupid people!  I'm no rocket scientist, hell I can't even put
bread in the breadmaker properly, but I did have a lot of information
and support to draw from and that was KEY to our pumping success. All
potential pumpers should be given the chance to do the same for
themselves, while working hand in hand with their medical professionals.

I, in no way, feel I have the right to demand people take a test,
cripes, I am still learning 3 years later!.  What I do feel though, is
responsibility for the people who are putting their children on a pump
as a direct result of hearing our story and seeing Erica.  Two days
after a meeting we attended as speakers for pumping, a woman went out
and ordered a $5000 pump.  They are paying for the pump out of their own
pocket.  She wants to keep in touch and I want to support her any way I
can.  If that means I pass along to her a *test* that people have helped
me put together then I will do it.  If the clinic chooses to use the
same tool for others, I will be very happy.  Will she fail, never, will
she learn something because of it..definitely, and I will feel that much
better because she will have the tools to work with.  She will be
directed to speak to our medical professionals about all decisions
because they are such an important part of our team, and we are all
learning together.

PHEW!  I have been typing this f o r e v e r.  I'm trying to get my
point across, but I think the longer I make it, the more confusing it
is.  So, I am out of here!

How about we call it.....an AWARENESS THINGYMAJIG!
thanks again everybody
Barb...Erica's co-pilot :)
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