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[IP] fear of DKA

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> Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2000 12:15:42 -0800
> From: "wombn" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IP] re: fear of DKA
> There's two ways (that I know of) for my pump to come
> disconnected.  At the Quick Release point (a joint about 4-5 inches
> away from the infusion set that twists apart--not all infusion sets
> have a Quick Release joint) and at the infusion site itself.
There are more than two ways.  I experienced one of them last Sunday.  My
tubing became somehow cut, severed, hanging by a thread near the luer lock.
I kept on bolusing for high sugar...330, an hour or so later, 368, then 398
and going higher and faster.  Got scared, checked the pump, noticed the
tubing making a funny little sort of twist, to then see it was broken, cut
and all the bolusing I was doing was going nowhere near me and I DIDN'T KNOW
IT!  the only way I knew something was wrong was with the rising readings.
You must be aware that a drop of the pump, in just the right way can cause a
break in the tubing, and, as someone else said in one of the last
discussions of this, a playful kitten can chew a hole in it or it can caught
somehow and tear.  Boy, to me that is scary!  But, I learned that I just
have to be vigilant about one more thing.

I took an injection Sunday night and changed the site(could maybe have done
just tubing).  I guess I over treated and woke up the following day with a
29!  I am still getting over the whole thing.

Believe me, there are more than 2 ways tubing, pump or what ever can break,
malfunction and you need to test in order to know when things are going the
wrong way and check the tubing for leaks or tears.

Funny, I didn't notice any seepage or odor but after removing the torn
tubing could see insulin coming out  the tear when I slightly pressed the
plunger of the reservoir.
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