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re: [IP] A Test For Pumpers To Be or Parents of Pumpers To Be?

>>My initial response to reading about a test for pumping
elitist!,  on further reading I realized that it was to
inform, not
exclude.  But I still don't see tests as imparting

 A test to evaluate learning and understanding is not
elitist. These can also be given orally.
I use tests to find where there is lack of understanding and
then review the missed information. Tests also give the
teacher feedback to adjust the teaching methods. My goal is
for people to pass the tests and earn success, not to limit
care or make someone feel that they don't measure up to the
necessary tasks, or feel like a failure, or feel unworthy.
Many people with DM feel worthless and a failure enough with
uncontrolled BGs. I will do my best to help someone have
success with their pump.  (Don't we all wish others would do
the same.

A teacher is a guide who helps people be independent of the
teacher. Don't we also do that as parents?

Your list of suggestions is very good. These are essential
basics that all pumpers need to know.

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
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