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Re: [IP] More Hypo Fun!


I know what you mean about needing more insulin when you are pregnant.  I am
almost 26 weeks and I have not noticed any significant increase in the
amount of insulin that I need.  In fact, I started out needing less too.
Some of the earlier basal testing I did showed that I needed less,
especially during the night.  I just kept testing and lowering those basals
with my doctors help.  He said that I am getting close to really start to
see changes in my insulin needs as the baby will start to grow quickly.
Just try to keep checking your sugars and get as much rest as possible.
Also know that you are not alone!!  Each of our pregnancies are different,
but there are many common threads too!

Good luck!

Stephanie McCrery
Louisville, KY:   the biggest city in Kentucky :) !!
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