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Re: [IP] Back to Curtis -Pump sites for Rhonda

Thank you Curtis.  I guess I will try my hiney next....I tried my arm, it
didnt work with the micro soft-set...I have used one silohuette, and
man...it hurts like $!#!!!!.  I loved the silohuette for the fact that I
had nothing hanging down when I disconnected...and to be quite honest the
reason I am wondering about different sites, is well, ummm, the intimate
issue.....so quite frankly, the breast area would not be one of my
choosing,,hehehehehe.  So, I will try my hiney and my leg.....I will
really be glad when they come up with the quick release at the site on
the soft-set...Maybe I should try the silohuette again...hmmmmmm

>From: "Curtis Lomax" <email @ redacted> >Reply-To:
email @ redacted >To: email @ redacted >CC:
email @ redacted >Subject: [IP] Pump sites for Rhonda >Date: Wed,
6 Dec 2000 14:03:04 -0800 > >We use mostly the tummy, but one can use
legs, buttocks, lower back, arms, >breasts. I would think that one could
use just about any spot with enough >flesh to slide the canula into. We
use silloettes and they should work in >even VERY thin areas. > >I say
experiment. If a site will not work in an area after repeted tries, >then
don't go there. > >The real trick is getting the balls to do it in the
breast. (Am I mixing >metaphors or something?) That has got to be scary.
> >There is probably a "How to" here on the pumpers site. I think they
even >collected pictures a while back. > >Curtis Lomax
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