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re: [IP] A Test For Pumpers To Be or Parents of Pumpers To Be?

Curtis, I have been trying to find someone to tell me about other site
areas..please let me know.  Thanks, Rhonda

Dallas, Texas.

>From: "Curtis Lomax" <email @ redacted> >Reply-To:
email @ redacted >To: email @ redacted >Subject: re: [IP] A
Test For Pumpers To Be or Parents of Pumpers To Be? >Date: Wed, 6 Dec
2000 09:26:27 -0800 > >I think getting the information to the new pumpers
is a great idea. A >test, however, would only irritate me, if I were a
new pumper. A list of >what you should know before starting pumping would
be helpful. Your list, >Barb, is a good start and I think it only needs
to have one or two >sentences per item to make it a very helpful handout
to potential pumpers. >Further winnowing and additions would make it
valuable to inquiring minds. >It could grow into a small laminated tabbed
reference guide. With pages on >each pertinent subject. > >My position is
that pumping is the preferred therapy for type I diabetics. >That it is
just as dangerous as MDI. That it is easier than MDI. That it >is a myth
that people should be started on MDI and then switched to pumping >some
long time later and only after they prove themselves worthy of >pumping.
Nobody passes a test to begin MDI. We were given a lot of >misinformation
from the IC staff and sent home to fend for ourselves. As >most people
seem to, we had to wrestle the pump out of the Endo, Why? > >My initial
response to reading about a test for pumping was.....How >elitist!, on
further reading I realized that it was to inform, not >exclude. But I
still don't see tests as imparting information. > >Here are some
suggested additions to your list: > >describe a basal (rate) > (a
preprogrammed insulin pumping rate that maintains BG level while not
eating or exercising > > * describe a bolus > (a dose of insulin ) > > *
what is a fasting basal (test) > (A planned period of fasting when one
tests more often than usual to interrogate their basal rate performance.)
> > * how do you set and test a carb bolus ratio > ( after basals are
established, one evaluates the control attained after eating a known
amount of carbs and applying a calculated bolus.) > > * do you understand
the different types of infusion sets available > > * do you know how to
carb count > (That is to estimate the carbohydrate amount in a given
food. Easiest, read labels (USA) measure volume and refer to book, weigh
and use carb >factor) > > * how to treat a high - insulin requirements
based on BG > (Measure BG, determine unused insulin, calc BG drop
expected due to unused insulin, calc bolus need to hit target BG.) > > *
how to treat a low - try not to overtreat, a common mistake in the >
beginning > > * maintaining your pump > > * where to insert - a lot of
people think only the tummy is acceptable > > > >Curtis Lomax
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