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re: [IP] A Test For Pumpers To Be or Parents of Pumpers To Be?

I think  getting the information to the new pumpers is a great idea.  A
test, however, would only irritate me, if I were a new pumper.   A list of
what you should know before starting pumping would be helpful.  Your list,
Barb, is a good start and I think it only needs to have one or two
sentences per item to make it a very helpful handout to potential pumpers.
Further winnowing and additions would make it valuable to inquiring minds.
It could grow into a small laminated tabbed reference guide.  With pages on
each pertinent subject.

My position is that pumping is the preferred therapy for type I diabetics.
That it is just as dangerous as MDI.  That it is easier than MDI.  That it
is a myth that people should be started on MDI and then switched to pumping
some long time later and only after they prove themselves worthy of
pumping.  Nobody passes a test to begin MDI.  We were given a lot of
misinformation from the IC staff and sent home to fend for ourselves.   As
most people seem to, we had to wrestle the pump out of the Endo, Why?

My initial response to reading about a test for pumping was.....How
elitist!,  on further reading I realized that it was to inform, not
exclude.  But I still don't see tests as imparting information.

Here are some suggested additions to your list:

describe a basal (rate)
     (a preprogrammed insulin pumping rate that maintains BG level while not eating or exercising

  *  describe a bolus
     (a dose of insulin )

  *  what is a fasting basal (test)
     (A planned period of fasting when one tests more often than usual to interrogate their basal rate performance.)

  *  how do you set and test a carb bolus ratio
     ( after basals are established, one evaluates the control attained after eating a known amount of carbs and applying a calculated bolus.)

  *  do you understand the different types of infusion sets available

  *  do you know how to carb count
     (That is to estimate the carbohydrate amount in a given food.  Easiest, read labels (USA) measure volume and refer to book, weigh and use carb

  *  how to treat a high - insulin requirements based on BG
     (Measure BG, determine unused insulin, calc BG drop expected due to unused insulin, calc bolus need to hit target BG.)

  *  how to treat a low - try not to overtreat, a common mistake in the

  *  maintaining your pump

  *  where to insert - a lot of people think only the tummy is acceptable

Curtis Lomax
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