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[IP] DKA FEAR (Sara)

Hi Sara:  We are pumpers here in Manitoba as well, not sure if you got
my email?  Anyway, we too were concerned about a rapid onset of DKA as
it is listed as a real drawback, but what I find is that we are testing
so much more often, that the chances are pretty slim of this happening.
My son is 4.5, so we test maybe more often than an adult. As far as the
pump disconnecting etc. we have been pumping only 3 months and the
biggest problem has been bubbles in the tubing, leaving him high.
Easily fixed and a bolus later and he is always right on.  We can catch
the highs immediately.  Also as soon as he starts asking for water I
KNOW he is high or heading there and I recheck the site etc.  No
biggie.  I personally found it to be far worse controlling his highs and
lows when he was on shots. Too unpredictable.  We are to the point that
we know EXACTLY how much of a bolus will bring him down to normal, and
when he is low he only needs about 15g to bring him up or 1 g per point
I want to bring him up to.

Anyway, please email me as I am curious as to who your Endo is and what
pump you are getting etc.  I have been through the road you are
travelling and hit the same roadblocks...ENDO--Pharmacare--Blue Cross

Take care Sara, Shelly Tyler (Bretton's Mom) in Altona, MB.
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