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[IP] AM Carb/basal

SNIP>>>>>>Susan Russell said:

> I proffered to my endo recently that clearly the dawn phenomenon is at
> here re: a.m. ratios and my difficulty in stabilizing/standardizing them.
> He said it was more to do with my a.m. basal being incorrect, ie., I
> increased my basal appropriately, my CHO to insulin ratio should be
> consistent at 10:1 at breakfast as it is for other meals.  I took his
> and recently changed 3:00am to 9:00am basal from .5 to .6/hour.  It is
> not working. Pre-lunch today was 198 -<<<<<<<SNIP

This sound right to me.  I usually have a Carb ratio of about 6:1 for
breakfast, basals run 12:00 AM = 1.00, 4:00 AM=1.2, 6:00 AM =1.3, 8:00 AM =
1.5, 10:00 AM = .09.  
Weird huh, and if I have a snack at night, the amount of fat in even
tortilla chips plain will cause a high morning AM if I don't bolus correctly
for the meal.   So I think morning basals, and morning carb ratios are at
work.    If I don't eat a snack at night, I have to drop the midnight to
4:00 am basal to =.07 and the 4:00 AM back to .09.   All the rest stay the
same. Most every day it works.  Always remember and never forget  YMMV!

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