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Re: [IP] re: Carb to Insulin Ratio Fluctuations


Never heard of this one but it sounds painfully familiar to me.  in fact I
have noticed this and blamed it on dietary error.  so my questoin is:  How
do we know when this wierd phenomenon is occuring?  sounds as if one just
has to test after each am meal to see if it is ocurring.

>on a NORMAL day, do fasting morning basal profile
>repeat and eat protein only, no carbs i.e. eggs, crystal lite
>repeat with a small carb breakfast that's vanilla i.e.toast, milk
>repeat with big carb breakfast that's vanilla
>definition: vanilla -> known response meal, no weird stuff like lots
>of extra fats, high glycemic foods, etc...
>Try to get a repeatable data set from another run.
>Out of all this you should see a bg rise that is independent of the
>#carbs eaten and requires about the same high bg bolus to bring down.
>You should NOT see it with the fasting basal test.
>This is the isolated bg rise which I call the 'motor start' phenomena
>for lack of a better term. I've seen and documented it with my
>daughter. It comes and goes. Her solution is about a 1.5 to 2 unit
>bolus when she wakes up (when it is occuring), ya have ta know or

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