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[IP] Subtracting fiber from the carbohydrate count

I would like to know how to subtract fiber from the carbohydrate count to
get an accurate carb total. I eat a high carbohydrate, high fiber diet and
have heard that when a serving contains 5 or more grams of fiber, that it
should be subtracted from the total carb in the serving. (I noticed that
John Walsh in "Pumping Insulin" says a portion with 4 or more grams of fiber
should be subtracted.)  Does that mean a serving as listed on a package or a
serving containing 15 g of carb? I usually do not eat only one serving.
Tonight, for dinner, I had 135 g carb and 29 g fiber. Each food had at least
5 g of fiber. So, do I subtract the 29 g for a total of 106 g carb for
calculating the bolus? I am getting ready to go on a pump soon.

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