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[IP]re A test for pumpers to be

I had to get in on this line.  You are SOOO right.  We need more education.
They had me in the hospital (age 9) for a week.  I got NO training on
anything.  They taught my Mom a little and let her give me one shot.  I have
given my shots ever since after only practicing on an orange!  We got
"nutritional training" a week or so later, and they found I was on the wrong
diet and was starving on the little amount of food they had prescribed!  I
have had more training in the last year than I had the 27 years before that!
I have to brag on my Endo's office and the CDE there.  We have a Diabetes
Treatment Center (DTC) in cooperation with a local hospital.  My Endo and CDE
require a carb class, a pump class, a pump class specific to your pump and a
3-6 day "test drive" with saline in a loaner pump before you get on the pump!
You can call the DTC with questions.  They also train all newbies on how to do
things and help adjust your treatment to YOUR life.

I guess I'm very partial to my Endo and his office because I would NOT be here
if not for him.  My primary care physician was treating me for the flu.  Took
my blood, but did not check the levels.  I was only doing urine glucose at the
time.  When he did run the check the next day, I had numbers way over 500 and
was in DKA.  As soon as he admitted me to the hospital, he went out of town!
He did call my Endo to come in and check me out.  This was the first time I
had met the Endo.  He was at the hospital with me at 3 am!  Getting me into
the ICU and making sure they were taking care of my diabetes, not just the
flu!  He was at the hospital every day (weekends included), sometimes twice.
I have been seeing him for 12 years now.  He never pushed me to go on the
pump, but as soon as I told him I wanted to and that I was willing to do what
it took, he and the CDE jumped into action.  In less than a month I had all
the classes and my pump in hand.  I go for a 23 hour observation on December
19th to go "live" on the pump.  (another requirement of the office).  They
won't just turn you loose to sink or swim.  I wish all areas had this type of
service and dedicated professionals!

The Pumping Insulin book is great too.  A buddy would be nice.  I'm fortunate
since I have a coworker and friend on the MM508, just like I'll be on.

Bonnie and ??? (pump to be named soon)
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