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Re: [IP] re: Carb to Insulin Ratio Fluctuations

> Susan R. wrote:
> >>
> I proffered to my endo recently that clearly the dawn phenomenon is
> at work here re: a.m. ratios and my difficulty in
> stabilizing/standardizing them. He said it was more to do with my
> a.m. basal being incorrect, ie., I increased my basal appropriately,
> my CHO to insulin ratio should be consistent at 10:1 at breakfast as
> it is for other meals.  I took his advice and recently changed
> 3:00am to 9:00am basal from .5 to .6/hour.  It is still not working.
> Pre-lunch today was 198 - breakfast was slice of brown bread with
> some tuna fish = 2 units (8:1).
> Does this basal profile adjustment theory wash with you guys out
> there or is there simply an underlying resistance that requires and
> increased amount of insulin to cover an a.m. meal?? <<

Nope, I think he's might be off base, but doesn't know it. There is 
another wake up phenomena that has not been discussed that many 
people exhibit that has to do with production of certain hormones or 
steroids(can't remember which). It is not dawn P, because it won't 
happen unless you actually eat something. You can test it yourself, 
but you must keep the conditions EXACTLY the same as when you see the 
rise. If you sleep in or fast, you likely won't see it. Lily's endo 
explained it to me several years ago and I don't remember all the 
clinical details. It's also not always present and is dependent on 
rest, stress levels, probably the phase of the moon and stars heh... 

on a NORMAL day, do fasting morning basal profile
repeat and eat protein only, no carbs i.e. eggs, crystal lite
repeat with a small carb breakfast that's vanilla i.e.toast, milk
repeat with big carb breakfast that's vanilla

definition: vanilla -> known response meal, no weird stuff like lots 
of extra fats, high glycemic foods, etc...

Try to get a repeatable data set from another run. 
Out of all this you should see a bg rise that is independent of the 
#carbs eaten and requires about the same high bg bolus to bring down. 
You should NOT see it with the fasting basal test.

This is the isolated bg rise which I call the 'motor start' phenomena 
for lack of a better term. I've seen and documented it with my 
daughter. It comes and goes. Her solution is about a 1.5 to 2 unit 
bolus when she wakes up (when it is occuring), ya have ta know or 

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