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Re: [IP] re: Carb to Insulin Ratio Fluctuations

In a message dated 12/5/00 4:36:19 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< My endo seems to be one of the top in the field and when I initially went 
on the pump he said that the average person requires twice as much
insulin per carbo at breakfast than they do at the last meal of the
day.   >>

This statistic on morning increases in carb ratios doesn't seem to be tracked 
on our web page, but I would be surprised if there were that much difference 
-- I would guess 50% increase was much more common  (?????), and many of us 
have slightly less than that.  But the fluctuation that bothers me at this 
time of year is that last meal.  Most of the year my carb ratio is pretty 
steady after the first couple hours of the day, but in the winter I have a 
lot of variation with evening meals.  If I eat before 5:30 or so, I can keep 
my regular ratio, but after that I always need more insulin, comparable to 
the morning ratio.  I can't, however, just bolus a larger amount without 
going low before bed -- I do best square waving the additional bolus starting 
about when my head hits the pillow. 

Linda Z
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