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[IP] Santa Came to My House Today and...

Hi Everybody!

     Santa came to my house today and I'm Jewish!!!! I finally got my Animas
pump a few minutes ago. I'm going to wait until my husband comes home from
work so that we can open our "present" together. From some of you on the list
who have e-mailed me, I know to check the packing list, etc. and to fool
around with some of the buttons. (Oh, I love pressing buttons!!! :-)

     I just wanted to say something to those of you who have been in contact
with me...Animas seems to be a wonderful company. It was not their fault that
they underproduced their product. I think that they had no idea about the
popularity of their pump and also I've heard that they were correcting an
alarm problem. I just wanted to reiterate about being patient. Lord knows that
I had to be...as frustrating as it can be. Well, now I can finally join the
ranks. I am so happy! Not that I can go out and eat all I want, because I'm
one of those Type Is who needs to lose some, but I can't wait for those blood
sugars to finally stabilize!! That's so important when you've been diabetic as
long as I have. Everything is interconnected. I know that my heart problems,
cholesterol & high blood pressure will soon be back in place and that makes me
so happy!

      Thanks for all the encouragement and please continue to send it to me!
I'll need it! (I live 100 miles away from Mommy & Daddy!) And please tell
Santa thanks for me too. He came & left while I was taking a nap, so I don't
get to thank him for myself.

     Happy Holidays Everybody!

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