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RE:[IP] Sherry's Rescue 911

Sherry I can relate to your hypo story.  While pregnant with my first child
my husband and I took a nap on the sofa one afternoon. When my husband woke
up I wasn't there but heard me making noise in our utility room.  I remember
none of this but he found me standing at our back door looking out the
window with the iron in my hand trying to wrap the cord around it all while
saying I had to feed the cat.  We have never owned a cat.  Then about a week
later. My husband woke up on a Saturday morning and noticed I had wet the
bed. (Guess that can happen when you are low)  He tried to wake me up but I
didn't and he didn't think much of it and left me there while he went to cut
the grass.  I woke up a little while later and saw some antique rifles
laying against the wall at the foot of our bed.  I began crying and
screaming hysterically because I heard the lawnmower and thought that he had
shot our dogs.  ???????  We laugh a great deal about all this now but it was
sure scary for me then.

Sheila Morris ---- by the way I don't wet the bed anymore.  : )
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