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Re: [IP] Trading Up

> I have a question for some of our respected long time pumpers.  My
> pump is a 507 and was manufactured in April 1996, began wearing it
> in October 1996.  I have never had a problem with it.  It has taken
> many lickin's and still keeps on tickin'!   Do I wait for it to die
> a natural death before getting new one?  Or should I do it now while
> my full deductible has been met ($1300 - deductible and out of
> pocket expenses for Rx).   Anyone have any experience with this?  
> My insurance is BCBS and has not ever given me a problem. I really
> like the pump and as I say, I have had no problems with it.  I just
> don't like financial surprises.   Any advice is welcome! 

Hmmm...... Lily kept pumping with her 506 until the plastic started 
to peel off the buttons and expose the metal underneath -- then she 
upgraded to a 507C -- this was 6mo or so before the 508 came out. The 
506 was way out of warranty, but worked fine -- even with the messed 
up button, but could not really be repaired. The ins co (BSBC) took 
about 2 weeks to clear the paperwork for the replacement. MM accepted 
the old pump in trade for the difference on the deductible so there 
was no out of pocket cost.
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