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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #678


  Maybe changing endos is NOT the answer.  Maybe telling your current endo 
that you WANT to go on the pump and that is all there is to it will do it.  
When I first mentioned it to my son's endo (he is about to turn 9) last 
August 99, he was skeptical but willing to look into it with an open mind 
(mind you now we have the world's BEST endo!!!!) and within 4 months he was 
telling me that HE thought Josh should start on the pump NOW.  So Josh went 
on the pump 5 days after his 8th BD last dec 18th!!  Insurance company was 
on-board within 12 hours of the endo's request and we haven't looked back 

  In today's world it is sometimes up to the consumer/patient/client to push 
the subject of what she/he wants and not wait around for the 'god' better 
known as your doctor to make up all the decisions.  Become active in YOUR 
life and make the decision for yourself and tell you endo this is what YOU 
want and that you are willing to research it and discuss your findings with 
him.  NOT the other way around.

  If after discussing this matter with him/her and he/she still is not with 
you then it will be time to find another endo.  Don't be afraid to tell him 
that too!!!  Be strong because if you don't who will!  Atleast my son has me 
right now and he sees and hears me tell those involved what I think is 
good/bad/indifferent.  I hope when he gets older he can defend for himself!  
That's the best thing I can do for him!

Good Luck and keep us informed!  Go get EM!!!!!!

sylvia Staten
mom to Joshua
email @ redacted
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