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Re: [IP] Software -- Attn: GEEKS

Sounds like fun (whoops, guess I'm a geek).

Sourceforge has a glucometer reading C library in embryonic (dead?) state.

If interested, it's at:


Another much more polished program is glucose32.exe at
This program is freeware.  It may be distributed by individuals and posted
for free downloading.  It may not be sold or distributed in association with
any commercial product.   Creating links ans references to this web page are
encouraged.   No commercial resources were used to develop this program.
Revisit this page for file updates.  Comments, questions, or suggestions
about this program are welcomed at: email @ redacted
<end quote>

I'll send an email seeing if this fellow is willing to share source and
what language the program is written in.  Perhaps he would be willing to
GPL it.  We could make a new sourceforge site where list members etc could
contribute  whatever scripts, macros, etc. they have lying around.  Anyone
else interested? 

(Now all I need is Medisense to actually RELEASE the Precision Xtra cabling
and software so I can join the 20th century and DL my blood sugars.  My
insurance has a sweet deal with Medisense so the strips are cheap and

Dave S.

>Andy Johnson wrote:

> I have a software program that I wrote that runs on my Palm Pilot that
> all of my info (BG's, Bolus amounts, basal rates, etc)
> It also has a Carb Counter built into it (I tell it the portion and the
> food, it searches a custom data dictionary I composed with food servings
> carb amounts and tells me how much I should bolus.  The only problem with
> is it takes a long time to input carb data along with food servings in it.
> Have about 5,000 entries in it now, and hope to have double that amount in
> month or so.
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