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Re: [IP] Fighting insurance

On Mon, 4 Dec 2000 email @ redacted wrote:

> I've written a couple of times about fighting the ins. comp. for a pump for 
> my 9 year old daughter... THEY say that the use of pumps in children is not 
> established in the medical community and that there are no medical reports to 
> support that use.  We are talking - children under the age of 13.
> I've spoken with the pump rep about the problem and he feels that one of my 
> biggest boosts could come from all of YOU (so that I can overwhelm the appeal 
> committee with the paperwork) - anyone who is willing to help - please email 
> me with the following info -    when was your child dx'd?
>                 when was your child put on a pump?
>                 what were your child's A1C's before the pump?
>                 what are your child's A1C's now?
>                 who is your child's endo?
Start with the list on the KIDS page, 300 kids there average age about 9. 
There is a short list of parents. Prominent centers that treat children. 
Barbara Davis Diabetes Center, Stanford Children's Hospital, Kaiser, Yale 
Medical Center, Driscoll Children's Hospital in Corpus Christi, 
Texas  -- Just for the big names. There are a couple of hundred 
doctors listed on the Insulin Pumpers referral  page. Many of these treat 
kids and usually their profile says so, but not always. The insurance 
company arguments are just a delaying tactic. You need the address the 
issue from a different direction to get action. THEY ARE PRACTICING 
MEDICINE if they contrevene the specific prescribed treatment for a 
patient. Age has nothing to do with it. Keep posting!!

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