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[IP] Still learning....

      I thank all of you for welcoming me to pumpers:)

This past weekend I had a serious insulin reaction, my wife had to call 
911....and of course the whole city of Minot (at least it seams that 
way:) had to come.  My BG was down to 21 after my wife had forced two 
glucose tablets into me....the ambulance and rescue crew had a heck of a 
time getting my glucose level back up.  Why did this happen?  ...kind of 
a long story...but it was ALL my fault:)  My 11 year old daughter had a 
friend spend the night, in the morning they wanted to make pankaces and 
I said sure, and I took a bolus.  Well, we were out of milk, so I ran to 
the store to get milk, then while my daughter was making breakfast, I 
crashed.  It was a good lesson for me though, I am new to Humalog since 
starting on the pump.....make sure you are a very short time from eating 
before bolusing:)
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