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Re: [IP] need some advice


    When my son, Joshua (almost nine) started on the pump last Dec.  he was 
in the middle of swimming lessons.  Plus he sweats a lot in the heat or heavy 
activity.  So we had LOTS of trouble with sites coming off.  By the time we 
found out about Mastisol, a medical adhesive, poor Josh was OD'd on multiple 
site changes (around 5/7days) so he opted to go off the pump for a short 
while to give his tummy a break.  He is back on it now and LOVING life!!  So 
am I...:-)

   I don't understand these insurance companies.  Would they rather spend 
MORE money on the care of complications than preventative care.  That is the 
question that those of you who are having trouble getting companies to 
consider the pump need to ask!!!  Our insurance company is through the 
government TRICARE.  We are retired military.  After 12 HOURS of our endo's 
request to have Josh on the pump we got the approval!  The very next day 
Disentronics was calling me and asking what color pump Josh wanted.  We were 
approved and had our order being sent within 36 HOURS of the request.  And 
this is from a GOVERNMENT insurance!!!!  Gee, someone must have finally 
figured it out that it is cheaper to prevent than to care for complications 
after they occur.

  Anyway, I really wish that I could write to some of these insurance 
companies myself and tell them exactly how it is.  If you or anyone else 
would like a subjective point of view letter sent to your insurance companies 
let me know and I will be glad to write one IMMEDIATELY.  The same goes for 
their endos/MD's.  I will gladly write letters to them with our experiences 
if you think it could help.

  Good luck and PLEASE, write to me personally if you think you want some 

sylvia staten
mom to Joshua
email @ redacted
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