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Re: [IP] Watch that Tubing!!!

R. Joanne Johnson wrote:
> Last night I had escalating glucose readings, 330, 368, 398...I high sugar
> bolused for each only to see that nothing improved and they were escalating
> rapidly.  Upon examination of the pump tubing, I found, only by manipulating
> the tubing, that right at the tubing the (I think it is the luer lock?) hard
> plastic connect to the reservoir, the part that sticks out of the pump,
> was severed and hanging by a thread.

And then there's the cats.....

Who love long tubular objects, and will chew on them ANY chance they
get! My kitten must have gotten under the covers last night and had a
good time -- woke up this morning, and the tubing was SHREDDED!!!!

But insulin was still getting through, because I tested it, just out of
curiosity, and when I primed and looked at the needle, it was indeed
dripping insulin. I think the kitten only got the outer tubing, and the
inner tubing was still intact. 

Nevertheless, I changed it -- don't THINK I got any cat germs in my
insulin, but still, didn't want to risk any more!

Now I have to teach this kitten NOT to burrow under the covers! 
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