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[IP] In hospital care of your diabetes

i guess i am pretty lucky when ever i have stayed in the hospital
they always checked me before meals and whenever i told them i felt
like it needed to be ... (etc.> >>
Hey folks
When we go to the hospital, ideally we should plan to take care of ourselves
(if able). Test your own BGs, give yourself your own insulin, have a stash of
snacks, make sure you have some sugar in reach at all times, etc.

I totally agree but many hospitals won't let you take your own insulin. 
Fill your pump and keep a supply of reservoirs with you. Always tell the 
med nurses you want to take your own insulin and give the injection to 
yourself. Never let them test you or give you an insulin shot. Keep glucose 
tabs in your nitestand rather than waiting 2 lifetimes for the promised OJ. 
Don't stop your pump. Get a letter from your endo stating that you are not 
a low grade moron and if you are functioning in your right mind you are 
capable of treating your own diabetes. I got just such a letter from my 
endo. but when I was hospitalized I was on so much sedation I couldn't tell 
you my name. Only a diabetic RN knows what diabetes is like and there arn't 
many of them
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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