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[IP] Re: I'm lower than a snake's belly

Just got home from a visit with my endo and CDE.  Been having more site 
problems over the last week and have been trying different preps.  It now 
seems clearer that the problem is probably an allergy to whatever the 
infusion tube is made of.  They're recommending I try a bent needle or 
somesuch but my CDE needs to refresh since it's been a long while since she's 
worked with needles - not even sure how to get her hands on one to try it 
out.  Strange, but the thought of walking around with a needle stuck in my 
belly (with no potential to disconnect) seems overwhelming.  Just when my 
numbers were beginning to fall into place.  Damn!  

I'm determined to stay on the pump and would stick with the sils if I could 
be sure this allergy/reaction wouldn't get worse (and potentially lethal as 
many allergies can be).  I'll sleep it off tonight and plan to contact MM and 
Disetronic (thanks Kim) tomorrow for their ideas and products.  Any old 
timers out there who used needles in their old pumps?  Is it as awful as my 
fantasies?  Any ideas or knowledge/experience of this nature?  Too stressed 
right now to even wiggle my nose.  Jill
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