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[IP] RE: Sherry's Rescue 911


A few years ago I had a similar experience where I woke up at 3am
and the bed was surrounded by 2 paramedics and 3 firemen (and my
wife).  It seemed like I was dreaming and could occasionally place
my wife's voice, but the rest were so strange.  As I fought my way
thru the fog and became coherent again I quickly figured out what was
going on and then it scared the s#$t out of me!

I apparently woke my wife up just before I completely zonked out, but
I was too far gone to drink any juice and she couldn't find my
glucagon kit.  The paramedic did give her a quick refresher course on
how to use one though.  And then as I started to come around the
paramedic had her feed me some gel (NASTY tasting stuff).  We now keep
a glucagon kit in my nightstand and I carry one in my bag with my
meter at all times.  There is also gel in the nightstand too.

One important thing to note, is to make sure that you have a current
glucagon kit and that someone (spouse, S.O., kids, etc.) KNOW how to
use it!  And I mean know how to use w/o reading the directions!

Anyway, the moral of the story is that this has happened to other
people on the IP list.  Don't let it bother you too much, but be
prepared for these types of incidents because they "can" happen to
any of us pumpers.  Oh yeah, for those of you that sleep in your
birthday suit, this might be an incentive to buy P.J.'s.  ;-)  NO
I am NOT speaking from experience Sara SP (or anyother SP out there).

For me, this incident was while I was on MDI and I DID NOT eat a
bedtime snack that night, so I figure that was what caused my
problem.  My wife still thinks it was because I was a guinea pig and
was doing a study for HOE901/Glargine/Lantis.

Happy pumping,

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