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[IP] IM Insulin injections

 > Any people in the IP family injecting
 > intramuscularly shots when BG is
 > high?
 > Mario asked:
 > How and why would you do that? I have never heard
 > of it.
 > If you have the book "Diabetes Solution" by Dr.
 > Richard Bernstein, you can
 > look it up on page 246 in the section "Intramuscular
 > shots will get your
 > blood sugar down faster"
 > Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
 > Co-Executive Director
 > Jewish Diabetes Association
No Hirsch, I never did that. I did give myself NPH intravenously once 
unintentionally once the free insulin part did go right to work but 
evidently, most of the p part was lost. Why be concerned with getting your 
blood sugar down faster. I know it sounds like a good idea but it is not 
very physiological. The body actually is designed to work more slowly than 
most of us think. When non diabetic people go into the hospital and get IV 
glucose there bg's go way up and very few nurses or doctors worry about 
that. for every 4 oz of iv fluid you get about 5 grams of glucose directly 
IV.  That raises the normal person to about 140 or higher for a while. 
Damage from diabetes is a long standing process which is a result of months 
or years with high blood sugars. A subcutaneous injection works quite well 
you can rub the injection site with your hand to speed absorption. or let 
warm water run on it. Or put the shot in your butt just before going to 
synagogue before Saturday AM services so sitting and standing rub it in 
better. Spot who admits to being damaged  by a little insanity and long 
term diabetes.
A Bender, M. D.
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