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[IP] Thanks For Sharing Your Life Trials!

I just want to thank everyone for letting me be apart of this group! Since 
I've been on the list, I stay more focused on my D. care and feel apart of 
the D family. The Family I have are so busy being mad at Diabetes for taking 
My Brother and taking the sight of one eye from my Aunt, they haven't stopped 
to see what it's doing to the rest of us D's or even the children of my 
brother. My Nephew asked me the other day "what bad thing did my father, 
Uncle Paul and You do to get Diabetes? Boy what an afternoon that was. 
    My Husband lately hasn't cared what I'm going though, he can't tell when 
my bg is low or real high, he will pick fights when I'm not myself and wants 
to know why I'm taking everything personally. 
   Sorry I'm venting bec. I'm tired of being sick and not having the things I 
need to take care of my Diabetes.
        May God Bless you all and your Families during the Holiday Season, 
           It's the Fight For Our 
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