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[IP] Pennsylvania is no longer part of the United States

During 1999 I was told that my insurance coverage was terminated with my 
COBRA carrier and I switched to Trustmark insurance.  We knew we were 
moving to another state and chose them because they had a liberal benefits 
plan and good coverage for medications, including insulin and diabetic 
supplies. Only some lousy HMO's offered coverage and I was not looking for 
their strategy of deny everything at least 10 times and approve only when 
kicked in the soft parts by a lawyer. So I wound up with Trustmark who for 
the most part has been good.  When I got the insurance they sent me a 
letter that it was good anyplace in the United States, no matter where we 
lived. And they would cover my diabetes supplies. Yesterday I received a 
letter that since I left New Jersey and am now a Pennsylvania resident my 
insurance coverage is cancelled. Mrs spot called today, reminded them of 
the letter about coverage in the US and sent the letters by fax to them. 
They said it was all a mistake.  We were relieved that PA was still a US 
Moral always get a declaration about the portability of your policy and 
keep it around. Expensive but worth the money good health insurance as most 
of us already know. Spot who is now less nervous than most today.

A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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