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[IP] One Month and Still Pumping

Well, Ive been pumping for just over a month now. So far, all is going well
with my BG readings. Ive posted my 30, 14, and 7-day history below. You can
see how well I've been tweaking my insulin rates/ratios over the past two
weeks. All this has been done without a single hypoglycemic episode. I used to
feel low about three times per week with MDI. I also had a 24-hour illness
with vomiting and diarrhea that didn't get me off track...I wasn't injecting
insulin to cover carbs that I either lost or wasn't replenishing.

30-day history
Mean - 119
Median - 117
High - 244
Low - 66

14-day history
Mean - 107
Median - 104
High - 167
Low - 78

7-day history
Mean - 97
Median - 94
High - 133
Low - 78

My third MiniMed 508 pump arrives tomorrow. The first one had a problem with
the hinge on the reservoir door. The second one had a problem with the display
screen  some LCD panels would stay on when they shouldnt. Thus 0.1 actually
looked like 8.1. Both were minor problems, but MiniMed didnt want to take any

Jonathan Meersman
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Dx 6/2000
MM 508 11/2000
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