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[IP] Software -- Attn: GEEKS

I've had this idea in the back of my mind for a while, but now that there is
a lot of talk about diabetes tracking software, I thought I would throw it
out to the group and see if there are enough geeks out there to make this

(Warning, geek stuff ahead)

Big-Picture Ideas:
1. Open Source Software (allow anyone who wants the source code to get it
and make improvements.)
2. Cross-Platform (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.)
3. Work with all BG meters (or as many as possible)
4. Interface with a Palm program
5. FREE!  (or maybe a small donation to the IP list?)

I'm sure this list would have TONS of ideas for features they would like in
the software.

I don't know if I would actually have time to organize a project like this,
but if anyone else is willing to contribute, let me know!  (Or if anyone is
willing to be the "Project Manager" and I can just be a "Computer Geek",
that would be great too!)

Dan Bergan

>Andy Johnson wrote:

> I have a software program that I wrote that runs on my Palm Pilot that
> all of my info (BG's, Bolus amounts, basal rates, etc)
> It also has a Carb Counter built into it (I tell it the portion and the
> food, it searches a custom data dictionary I composed with food servings
> carb amounts and tells me how much I should bolus.  The only problem with
> is it takes a long time to input carb data along with food servings in it.
> Have about 5,000 entries in it now, and hope to have double that amount in
> month or so.
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