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[IP] dizziness

Hello fellow pumpers,

Today I had kind of a weird experience, and I was wondering if it was pump
related.   I went to my school gym to work out, and before working out I
checked my BG and found it kind of low at 56 so I ate some candy,  and then
went to the gym and exercised for about 1/2 hour.  Since I am a relatively
new diabetic, I only have one basil rate of 0.1 units and that seems to keep
my BG from rising during exercise.  After the exercise,  I checked my BG and
it was 87,  but I was feeling kind of dizzy, almost similar to when I have a
low.  I went to my school library (I'm a college student),  and I was still
feeling weird & dizzy so I ate some candy but still didn't feel much better,
so I checked my BG again and it was 93.   Later I noticed that my infusion
set had come loose, and wasn't in securely,  so I had to change it, and
after I removed it,  my dizziness didn't seem to be as bad.  Here's my
question.  Could an improper insertion site cause the symptoms of dizziness
or is this thing not related to the pump at all?  Any answers or comments
would be appreciated.
-  Paul    Pumping since early November 2000.
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