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Re: [IP] What info do you track?

On 3 Dec 2000, at 15:30, Kerri wrote:

> I've been meaning to ask this for a while. Just curious what info
> (aside from the standard bgs and boluses) everyone tracks and
> sends to their endos when you send bgs? What info do you feel is
> the *most* helpful info to have for your control? 

I track just about everything.

Then again, I'm not at all intuitive about this blood sugar/insulin 
business.  I have to have mathematical formulas and stuff.  It's 
weird because I tend to be an intuitive type person.  For some 
reason it all escapes me in this case.

Also, I'm still new at this (put on insulin in Mar 99).  Maybe it just 
takes time.

So ... I track:




carbs (and for one week each month, I write down every morsel and 
the measurement, plus how I calculated the carbs), plus the 

Acitivity (and its intensity)

Sleep hours (cuz I have screwy sleep hours)

Blood pressure (a couple times a week cuz I tend towards higher 

Plus various notes about doctor's appts, migraines, menstrual 
cycles (starting basal temp testing next cycle in hopes of getting 
pregnant the moment my ob/gyn says I can), UTIs and other 
various infections, stressful events.
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